はじめまして(´・ω・`)ノ momozonwwです。(ももぞんわらわらで覚えてください。)某理系学生です。





 お問い合わせはこちらから。 お問い合わせフォームツイッターへ。


将棋ウォーズ、将棋倶楽部24四段に到達 今は観る将。 よく指す戦型は、対居飛車 角換わり右玉、先手一手損角換わりとか、雁木、陽動振り飛車、対中飛車 飛車先不突きで右銀使っていろいろ動く、対四間飛車 右四間飛車+天守閣美濃→端玉銀冠 対三間飛車 右四間やったり、左美濃やったり ガチでやるときは、基本的には、力戦にしたい人。



Nice to meet you, I am momozonww, the editor of this homepage.

I am a Japanese university student. My major is engineering. My hobby is shogi (4 dan), marathon.
To be honest, I am not very good at English. I am sorry if there were funny sentences.
Shogi is a major, traditional board game in Japan. Chess is popular all over the world, but It is only in Japan.
I would like to convey the charm of Shogi to foreign people.

On this homepage, I will inform the professional  player Sota Fuji spotlight, I will inform you about pro shogi in real-time.

 Souta Fuji is a junior high school pro shogi who debuted at the youngest age (14 years old).

 He has achieved the longest-ever winning streak “29”.

Shogi and He is attracting attention in Japan in 2017. It is a phenomenon not ever.

Please feel free to contact us. contact form or twitter.

Thank you.