Let’s play shogi – Recommended online game “shogi wars” and “shogi club 24”

If you want to play shogi right away, I’ll introduce you Shogi Wars or Shogi Club 24 (online game). Both is Japan Shogi Association Certified.


Shogi wars

shogi wars  https://shogiwars.heroz.jp/?locale=en ←go to shogi wars page 

【Japan Shogi Association Certified】 
History of the fastest and the most furious entertaining Shogi begins here! 
Enjoy exciting production that overturns the fixed image of former Shogi apps!
Get full of advices from Ponanza, the winner of Shogi DENOU Tournament.
This app provides online match-ups with players around the same level from beginners to advanced players.
So come and experience a high realistic sensation of Shogi.

You can play shogi for basically free on your iOS  phone , Android smartphone and pc  in English. 

 It is set to japanese at first, so you need to change it to English.

1.go to setting page

2. change language and  save setting


shogi club 24

if you want to study shogi, you want to play shogi with a strong user, this is recommended. Shogi Club 24 
 there are many very strong users, so do not mind if you lose.

I can not recommend it for beginners.


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