Souta Fujii


「Souta Fuji」

 Sota Fujii is a junior high school pro shogi who debuted at the youngest age (14 years old).

 He has achieved the longest-ever winning streak in the board game of shogi.

 The 14 year old Fujii battled Masuda in a tournament to decide the challenger for  Ryuo Championship(Winning prize is 50 million yen or more)

With his victory, Fujii has won 29 official matches in a row since his professional debut. He has notched a new record before even finishing junior high shool.

Fujii said “I m very happy and surprised that I’ve won 29 straight times. I know my winning streak will end sometime.”

Shogi is traditional board game similar to chess. Shogi is the only chess-type game where you can use the pieces of your opponent.